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Raising animals for food. It’s a tricky subject, but we are tackling it with gusto in this month’s podcast. We’ve talked about growing vegetables, joining CSAs to pay someone else to grow vegetables and we’ve even talked a little bit about backyard chickens. Now we are bringing you an extended interview with a local meat farmer who knows exactly what it takes to raise farm animals sustainably, humanely and compassionately.

Here at From Scratch Club, we represent nearly the entire range of diets including vegetarianism, dairy-free and responsible carnivore households. What we all have in common though, is the commitment that if and when we choose to eat meat, we choose to buy the most sustainable, humanely-raised, healthy meat we can find. Because factory-farmed, commodity animal products are just gross.

FSC Editor & Reporter in the Field Christina Davis brings you this month’s interview with Joshua Rockwood of West Wind Acres Farm. You can learn more about West Wind Acres, including information about their CSA program and buying club, at their website. Josh tells us which animals and which breeds he raises and why. He also talks about why pasture-raised meat is not only tastier, but actually healthier for you than conventionally-farmed meat and he even talks about how to incorporate rabbit meat into your favorite recipes. His particular emphasis on quality of life and humane practices should inspire you all, if you are meat-eaters, to carefully choose your farmer and to learn more about their practices and process of nurturing animal life from birth until the end. (Read more about West Wind Acres in this post about their farm tour.)


FSC Contributor Liz Russell brings us an interview with Tatiana Stanton from this winter’s NOFA-NY conference. Tatiana is the goat extensionist for the State of New York working out of Cornell University and also raises her own goats. She talks about what you call goat meat, what it tastes like and what her favorite recipes are for a product that has fallen from popularity recently in our country.

Thanks to Keith Drinkwine, Produce Manager at Kilpatrick Family Farm for the June/July Crop Report.

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