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Episode 10: GRASSROOTS

PODCAST Episode 10 grassroots

Happy New Year, dear listeners! In this episode, we talk about grassroots movements and small acts of food justice. Here at From Scratch Club, we are really grassroots ourselves. We are keeping it real. As many of our longtime readers and friends know, our founder Christina Davis started the group and community blog first as an outlet to talk about her son’s food allergies and to share information with others in similar situations. So FSC started as a small, casual, grassrootsy way to figure out not only how to deal with food allergies, but also as a way to figure out how to make food matter right there in people’s kitchens.


For this episode, Christina talked with one of the founders of the Schenectady Greenmarket. Jennifer Wilkerson joined us to explain the GreenMarket’s humble beginnings and how she, along with the other founders, were able to make a small but exciting advance towards food justice in their community. (Sidenote: Schenectady Greenmarket happens to be a sponsor of From Scratch Club and also happens to be a really rad market and the result of an awesome community-based grassroots movement.)


We also bring you a conversation with another grassroots food advocate, but this time we talk about food justice and education. Susan Fowler is one of the founders of the Friendship Garden, an initiative of the Delaware Community School. As Susan describes, the Friendship Garden was born of the conviction that knowing where food comes from, and how it grows and having that connection with nature is vitally important for children. The Friendship Garden is a great example of how schools can integrate food justice and local foods learning into their curriculum.


You don’t want to miss hearing these inspiring women talk about how even a small act by a small group of people can really make a positive impact. We will always need advocacy for food justice at the higher level– writing to your representatives, signing petitions and fighting for better food policy– but the stories we bring you in this episode are a reminder that grassroots efforts can indeed make a difference.

The Friendship Garden Founder, Susan Fowler, with Alice Waters

The Friendship Garden Founder, Susan Fowler, with Alice Waters

Food- like shelter and health- is an issue that is unavoidable, so even the smallest of acts and the most grassroots of movements can make major impacts on those around us.


Make your resolution for 2013 to be grassroots- support a local farmers market, volunteer at a school garden, grow a pot of herbs on your windowsill. Value these small acts of food justice as much as the bigger ones that are taking place throughout the country and the world.


The podcast receives sponsorship support from the Agricultural Stewardship Association, Schenectady Greenmarket, Honest Weight Food Coop, West Wind Acres Farm, Kilpatrick Family Farm.

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