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podcast episode 12

Apropos of wrapping up our wildly successful round of the FSC Book Club, where we read through the cookbook Whole Grains for a New Generation: Light Dishes, Hearty Meals, Sweet Treats, and Sundry Snacks for the Everyday Cook, we are bringing you an interview with the book's author Liana Krissoff!

book club whole grains 2

We loved cooking our way through Whole Grains for a New Generation and learning how to use whole grains in everyday cooking. It's a great foundation for adding more grains to your diet and offers something for everyone: vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and the all-purpose eater!

book club whole grains 3

Liana stopped in frequently to the book club discussions to share tips and thoughts and when she agreed to talk with us for the podcast, we couldn't resist calling her up and getting the full scoop on her background, on whole grains and on what it's like to be a cookbook author.

You can read more from Liana at her blog Pie and Beer. Starting to cook with whole grains? Learn more about the local Northeast grain system in Episode 11 of the podcast!

The podcast receives sponsorship support from the Agricultural Stewardship Association and Schenectady Greenmarket.

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Those of you following along with the blog or the FSC Book Club know that we love Alana Chernila and her cookbook, The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying & Start Making. So it should come as no surprise that we are absolutely thrilled to bring you a fascinating, in-depth interview with Alana during this show.

In this episode, we talk to Alana about her journey to becoming a blogger and cookbook author while holding other jobs and raising two daughters with her husband. She talks about the process of writing a book and all of the work that goes into making such a beautiful, useful kitchen guide.

Alana also talks about the role food plays in her life and how she hopes to empower others to get in their kitchens and start creating. We asked her about her unique memoir style of recipe-writing and the personal touches that define The Homemade Pantry. We hope hearing Alana’s insights will serve as a great reminder that no one is perfect. You don’t have to making everythingfrom scratch. We’re all just trying to do the best we can and take each day at a time. As Alana says, you need to be able to cheer yourself on during those tense kitchen moments.

If you’d like to cook through the book The Homemade Pantry with us, it isn’t too late to join our no-stress, laid-back online book club. Head over here for more information on how to sign up and where to find us on GoodreadsFacebookTwitter. We’ve love to have you.

A big thanks, of course, to Alana Chernila for taking the time to chat with us for this show. You can visit Alana’s blog, Eating From the Ground Up, to read more.

We also bring you stories submitted from our FSC Book Club participants about how they are creating their own homemade pantries. Thank you to Amy, Dianna, Jennifer, Jackie, Kate, Kathleen and Cynthia for sharing your stories.

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Happy Leap Day! February 29 only comes around once every four years, so get out there and enjoy it.

Today, From Scratch Club takes the leap (heh) into the wonderful world of podcasting! That’s right: you can now read the blog, plan for an FSC Swappers food swap and mark your calendars to visit us at our next community outreach event all while listening to the From Scratch Club podcast!

This podcast has been a long time coming. Over a year ago, Christina & Alexis put an FSC podcast on their wish list and now on this auspicious and memorable day, February 29, it’s live. A few months ago, Christina and I renewed the dream and decided to take the plunge. We planned and brainstormed and fretted and drank hot toddies, hoping that we weren’t completely crazy for thinking maybe, just maybe, we could whisper our sweet nothings about food and farming and swapping in your ears. The entire experience of recording and editing was brand new to us but we are getting the hang of it. I’m still working on not cringing when I listen to myself talk and, I’m happy to report, it is somehow getting easier.  We are obsessed with meeting and interviewing as many peeps as we can so that we can inspire, educate, share, giggle and chit chat with you, with our ever-growing FSC community.

Our hearts are bursting with nervousness and excitement. We are thrilled to present to you the first-ever From Scratch Club podcast!

Listen to Episode 01 here or subscribe via iTunes!

You can keep up with our new episodes and learn more about the podcast here.

Let us know what you’d like to hear! Is there someone that we must talk to and interview? Know of an event that you think we should cover? Do you have a topic that you are dying to know more about? Please, let us know. We are honored that this humble little podcast might take up residence on your iPod or laptop and we are excited to grow and improve with every episode. We hope this podcast will let you learn a little more about us, the wild and crazy ladies of FSC, but more importantly we hope this podcast lets us learn a lot about all of you. You homesteaders, cooks, bakers, gardeners, tiny apartment dwellers, full-scale farmers, foodies, dinner party hosts, dinner party guests, townhome owners, policy advocates, protesters, changemakers, food gurus, etc. We want to meet you and tell the world about you. Let’s chat.

THANK YOU: A huge thank you to everyone here at FSC, to our first interview guest Nicole Taylor of the Heritage Radio Network show “Hot Grease”, to NOFA-NY for giving us the opportunity to attend their conference and interview tons of interesting people, to our FSC Swappers for letting us chase them around with a microphone and for my partner-in-crime at home who helped me learn how to edit, made dinner while I stared at the computer and coaxed me to bed after hours of recording and mixing.


NICOLE TAYLOR: You can find more information about Nicole Taylor on her blog, food culturist, or follow her on twitter, or on Facebook. Hot Grease can be found on Itunes and is apart of the WONDERFUL Heritage Radio Network that records live in the back of Roberta's in a shipping container.

Nutritional Yeast: The Wikipedia summary Christina read is found here.

Information about FSC Food Swaps can be found here.

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