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WHEN: The last Wednesday of every month.

WHAT: Every month we will bring you interviews and content based on a specific topic such as: Community Supported Agriculture Programs, Food Entrepreneurs, Urban Farming and more!

HOW: It is a podcast that you can either listen on this blog OR subscribe in Itunes and you will automatically receive the podcast in your Itunes program when the program uploads new content.

SHOW NOTES:  The show notes are links to the people we interview, businesses or non-profits we mention or topics we cover.
Yes, each month we will have an announcement blog post on this very blog with the link to subscribe or to listen but if you want to go back and find a link to a farm from past episodes, that blog will be most helpful and fast to find what you are looking for.

and finally, WHY: We would like to educate & entertain a growing audience of individuals interested in learning more about home cooking, food policy and local foods & farming issues. We feel that a podcast is an additional platform where by we can reach a whole new audience and hopefully interest our already devoted & supportive blog readership.


Our Podcast Story

Leap Day 2012, From Scratch Club took the leap (heh) into the wonderful world of podcasting!

That’s right: you can now read the blog, plan for an FSC Swappers food swap and mark your calendars to visit us at our next community outreach event all while listening to the From Scratch Club podcast!

This podcast has been a long time coming. Over a year ago, Alexis & I put an FSC podcast on their wish list and now on, due to Christine’s hard work & dedication, it’s live EVERY MONTH! (We will have a new episode on the last Wednesday of every month on a different topic: CSA’s, Urban Farming, Food Entrepreneurs, and more!)

Let’s back up, a few months ago Christine & I renewed the dream and decided to take the plunge. We planned and brainstormed and fretted and drank hot toddies, hoping that we weren’t completely crazy for thinking maybe, just maybe, we could whisper our sweet nothings about food and farming and swapping in your ears. The entire experience of recording and editing was brand new to us but we are getting the hang of it.

We are obsessed with meeting and interviewing as many peeps as we can so that we can inspire, educate, share, giggle and chit chat with you, with our ever-growing FSC community.

Our hearts are bursting with nervousness and excitement. We are thrilled to present to you the From Scratch Club Podcast!